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About Us

As a charity, Access Disability Services aims to increase opportunities of access and independence for disabled people. We can achieve this as we are a skilled, highly qualified team of trainers and disability experts with a wealth of experience. We have a combined team background of over 57 years in the Disability and Charity Sector, Industry and as Business owners.
The Access Disability Services team is qualified in:

  • Assistance Dog Training

  • Dog Training

  • Dog Behaviourism

  • British Sign Language

  • Nursing

  • Social Work/Welfare Benefits

  • Management/Risk Assessments


This unique combination of experience and skills places us in the privileged position of being able to offer a range of services for disabled people and businesses. We are experts in dogs, disability, management, welfare rights and social care. Our list of services uses all our knowledge and expertise to support disabled people towards independence.

Our dog related service is headed up by Scott Allen (pictured right), a professional and accredited assistance dog trainer and assessor qualified in dog behaviour and training. Through our assistance dog training programme, we support disabled people to train their own dogs. We only believe in the modern approach to dog training and all methods employed are ethical, efficient and fun for the owner and the dog.

We have British Sigh Language users qualified to an advanced level in the team that mean training is accessible to Deaf people and the Deaf community.

Our non-dog related services is led by professionals qualified in nursing, social work, disability and management and supports disabled people to navigate the welfare benefits and social care systems. These additional complimentary services, builds on this by offering businesses support to make their services accessible, legal and viable.

Check Our Services for full details.

Access Disabilty Services Manager and Head Trainer, Scott Allen sitting in office.
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