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Assistance Dog Training Process

We will do an initial comprehensive assessment that includes suitability. We then create an individual training plan. We make sure you have the right level of help to train your dog, at your pace.  You are at the heart of our service. 

Our plans are basic and premium plans for training and qualified plans once dogs have successfully completed training. 

There are 3 formal stages to qualification:

Stage 1   Basic Training

We supply relevant video contents and access to our specialist trainers, workshops, social events, etc.

We will do an assessment to make sure you meet all the necessary elements to progress to stage 2.

Stage 2    Advanced Training

Companion Dog Basic Taskwork 

We take your dog to the next level starting work on the tasks that will aid your everyday quality of life.

We will do an assessment to ensure your dog is ready for the final stage of training.

Stage 3     Advanced Public Access and Taskwork Training 

We will provide you with the resources and skills to take your dog on the final journey to becoming an accredited, registered Access Disability Services Assistance Dog.

We will do an assessment to make sure your dog meets all the necessary elements to progress to qualification with legal full public access.

Collage of various Disability Assistance Dogs
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