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Risk Assessment Services

Risk Assessment Sheets

Access Disability Services can ensure your risk assessment is disability compliant and legal.

As an employer it is your priority to ensure your workplace is as safe as possible and fulfills your legal obligation.  Risk assessments are key.  You are legally obliged to reduce or eradicate any foreseeable risks as 'far as is reasonably practicable'.  A failure to do so can lead to a prison sentence.  A well written and documented risk assessment will ensure everyone is kept as safe as possible and will provide evidence in a court that you did all that was reasonably practicable and remove your liability.


Risk assessments need updating regularly and should incorporate any reasonable adjustments and include use of wheelchairs and auxiliary aids, including assistance dogs, in the workplace. It is critical that the Management and Health and Safety team are aware how to write an effective risk assessment and how to document and implement it.

At Access Disability Services, we are specialists in disability and have HSE and IOSH trained and qualified experts who are members of the Institute of Leadership and Management.  We are at the forefront of risk assessment writing and implementation, especially for disabled employees that require additional help, care or reasonable adjustments.

The Equalities Act 2010 ensures disabled people should not be discriminated against and that they have equal opportunities. It is in the Company's interest to ensure everyone is aware of their legal obligations and how to get the most out of their disabled talent, without unnecessary risk or legal liability. Risk Assessment instruction is critical to the inclusive workplace.

​As experts with over twenty years experience in disability and risk assessments, Access Disability Services can ensure your risk assessment is disability compliant and legal.


For more information please email us at or call Scott Allen on 07395 612298  to arrange for one of our specialists to visit your workplace.

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