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Training Plans

Disability Assistance Dog wearing an 'In-Training' vest

Training plans are individual to you. They include a combination of face to face, online, workshop and group work training and 24/7 telephone support and advocacy. 
The basic plans are subscription and affordable, without large outlays.  You can then enhance your plan by attending training workshops, Public Access training days, and 1 to 1's.  Plans will suit every budget and timescale. 

Step 1     Contact Us to arrange an initial assessment to assess suitability
Step 2     Assuming suitability confirmed, sign up for your journey via the website.
Step 3     Sit back, while we formulate your training plan
Step 4    Start your journey to having your own trained Disability Assistance Dog with full public access.
Included in the Training Subscription:
Personal Training Plan including trtaining videos and handouts.
Free telephone (7 day per week) support
Assistance Dog In-Training ID Card, Registration Book and Lanyard 

Membership to Access Disabikity Services
Access to Peer Support
Taskwork Workshops
Public Access Training Days (shops, cafes, hospitals, airports, etc.
Level 1, 2 and 3 Assessments
Cetification of achievement

Included in the 'Qualified Subscription
Membership to Access Disability Services 
Authority to wear to wear an ADS qualified Disability Assistance Dog coat
alified 'Access Required by Law' ID Card, Registration Book and lanyard.
Access to ADS Public Access Conflict Resolution Hotline
Free access social events and Public Access days.

Inclusive Package

In-Training Package Plan



Every month

In-Training Package for Prospective Owner Trained Assistance Dogs

Valid until canceled

Assistance Dog In-Training Package

Continued Support

Qualified Package



Every month

Qualified Assistance Dog Support Package

Valid until canceled

Reassessments, 24/7 support, Access Refusal Intervention

Membership, Free Admission to All Social Events

Authority to wear ADS 'Access Required by Law' coat

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