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School Dog Training

Schooldog helping child with reading.

Access Disability Services provides intense training of dogs to become accredited School Dogs, ensuring they are suitable to spend their days at school, assisting all school children but especially those with special needs, learning disabilities and emotional or social difficulties.

The proven benefits of school dogs include:

  • Improved school attendance

  • Reduced anxiety for children and staff

  • Increased learning, particularly in reading ability and age

  • Improved communication

  • Improved active listening

  • Development of emotional and social skills

  • Increased problem solving skills

Access Disability Services, provides specialist interventions for children and adults across workplaces and educational facilities. It has proven to encourage aspects of learning and development such as reading, active listening and communication. Working with school dogs has enabled some children who previously struggled with certain behaviours and areas of learning to work through these challenges in a calm and positive manner. In addition, the presence of school dogs encourages behaviour that benefits and develops the children’s emotional and social needs, such as empathy, compassion, love, care, confidence, security and understanding.  In the embryonic stages, we are jointly working to achieve these outcomes.


For more information on our School Dog Training, please email us at or call Scott Allen on 07395 612298 for more information.

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