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Disability Awareness Training

for Employers and Employees.

Access Disability Services Seminar on Disability Awareness

Tailored in-work training for both employers and employees to understand the law relating to disability awareness, the EA 2010, discrimination law, reaching Disability Confidence status, what counts as a 'reasonable adjustment', the rights of disabled people and their  Assistance Dogs.

An essential service for employees and employer, we provide individual training and seminars or in-work training on disability awareness.

The Equalities Act 2010, ensures that disabled people are not discriminated against and have equality of opportunities. It is in the company's interest to ensure that all managers and staff are aware of their legal obligations and how to get the most out of their disabled talent. Very often, simple reasonable adjustments can improve the work place, not only for the disabled employee, but for the whole business.

Welcoming Assistance Dogs in the workplace is recognised as a legal reasonable adjustment. Whilst a positive experience that fulfils legal responsibility to a disabled employee, this can be daunting and will need managing. Access Disability Services understands this and so we provide general disability awareness and reasonable adjustments training (identification and implementation) alongside change management strategies for the workforce in accommodating and

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respecting the needs of the disabled worker. In addition, practical advice and specific training about animal husbandry, welfare, etiquette and safety relating to the assistance dog (including k9 first aid) is also included.

All disabled people, as with everyone, are unique. We will create and deliver bespoke awareness training sessions pertinent to your employee and their assistance dog. This may potentially widen employment pools making the company not only legal but dynamic, forward thinking and responsive. This will give kudos to your business. It will also provide evidence in Disability Confidence Status applications.

A company's attitude towards disabled employees reflects on the inclusivity of the workplace and so affects all employees. Training is critical for the success of the Company's recruitment, past and future.

For more information on our Disability Awareness Services, please email us at or call Scott Allen on 07395 612298 for more information or to arrange for one of our specialists to visit your workplace.

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