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Assistance Dog Training

Training  -  Accreditation  -  Support  -  Registration

Disability Assistance Dog smiling outside shop

Have you dreamed of training your own dog to be your very own  Disability Assistance Dog with legal Full Public Access?

We provide a complete training, assessment, accreditation,  registration and support service for disabled people to train their own dogs to full Assistance Dog status.  This allows you to legally take their dog anywhere. Our trainers are all experienced Assistance Dog trainers
Our training plans are bespoke and unique.  We will listen to YOU and agree YOUR requirements and formulate plans specific your needs. We give you ample opportunity to discuss any concerns and progress with a qualified trainer through to qualification. 
Whilst We have a  library of hundreds of videos, your plan will have the relevant videos attached to teach your dog to complete set tasks to aid you. We do not ask you trawl through the whole library and irrelevant videos as this is unnecessary and can be overwhelming
We work with you to ensure your dog is competent for legal Full Public Access and can complete your tasks. 
You can attend online, in person and 1 to 1 tailored sessions alongside  social gatherings, training workshops and public access practice with your trainer. 
When qualified with Access Disability Services, you will receive a dog vest, photo ID and lanyard, photo ID passbook, lead sleeve and 24/7 phone support.  This includes access refusals. We are well versed in legislation covering assistance dogs and will advocate ensuring services are informed of the legal position of refusing an Access Disability Services dog and legal advice for the owner.

Dog Training for Deaf People


Group Classes with BSL                                                                                                      POA
1.5 hour 1 - 1 Tailored Individual Training Sessions with BSL                                              POA
Personal Virtual Training with BSL
1/2 Day Training Workshops with BSL                                                                                   POA


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