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Assistance Dog Training

Training  -  Accreditation  -  Support  -  Registration

Have you dreamed of training your own dog to be your very own  Disability Assistance Dog with legal Full Public Access?

Our bespoke training plans are unique in approach.   We do not simply give you access to hundreds of irrelevant videos in a library and ask you to work through them to teach your dog to complete set tasks.   We will listen to YOU and agree YOUR requirements.   We will then formulate a training plan unique to you and your dog's needs including the plan, the videos, the instructions and the opportunity to discuss any concerns and progress with a qualified trainer.   

We will work alongside you to ensure the dog is competent for legal Full Public Access and is able to complete the bespoke tasks that you need the dog to do to aid YOUYou will be able to attend social gatherings, training workshops, public access practice events and 1 to 1 sessions with your trainer.

We offer a comprehensive service and provide a complete training, assessment, accreditation registration and support service for disabled people to train their own dogs to full Assistance Dog status, enabling them to legally take their dog anywhere. Our trainers are all experienced Assistance Dog trainers offering training both on line and in person, training workshops and 1 to 1 tailored sessions.
Once fully trained, assessed and accredited with Access Disability Services, you will receive a vest for your dog, photo ID and lanyard, photo ID passbook, lead sleeve and 24/7 phone support.  This includes any refusal of access.  We are well versed in legislation covering assistance dogs and will advocate by ensuring services are informed of the legal position of refusing an Access Disability Services dog, alongside any legal advice for the owner.

Assistance Dog Training Process

Initial Assessment – We will do a comprehensive assessment that includes suitability for Assistance Dog Training.  Dependant on this, we create an individual training plan, based on your needs.  We make sure you have the right level of help to train your dog to provide for your specific disability, at your pace.  You are at the heart of our service.  We are unique as we help all people with a disability; physical, mental, sensory, learning or emotional, with a variety of training methods.  Following a successful assessment, simply subscribe to the 'In-Training' packaage and we will take you throughthe process

Level 1 Training  You will be supplied with a tailored training plan specific for your requirements, relevant video contents and access to our specialist trainers, workshops, social events, etc.
Level 1 Assessment (Basic Companion Dog) will take place to ensure dog is suitable for progression to Level 2 training. Once passed, you can purchase our 'in-training' vest and you will also receive your in-training ID card, registration book and lanyard.
Level 2 Training (Advanced Companion Dog Basic Taskwork)  begins with a combination of online, in person and workshops, where we take your dog to the next level including solid settles, ignoring distractions as well as starting work on the tasks that will aid your everyday quality of life.
Level 2 Assessment to ensure your dog is ready for the final stage of training.


Collage of various Disability Assistance Dogs

Level 3 Training (Advanced Companion Dog, Public Access and Advanced Taskwork) begins where we will provide you with the skills to take your dog on the final journey to becoming an accredited, registered Access Disability Services Assistance Dog.
Level 3 Assessment  Once successfully assessed at Level 3, we will supply an 'Access Required By Law' vest, personalised passbook, ID card with QR code link to legal access issues plus 24 hour telephone support.

Why Us

Disability Assistance Dog opening door for man in wheelchair

Have you dreamed of training your own dog to be your very own  Disability Assistance Dog with legal Full Public Access?

At Access Disability Services, we have a combination of experience in both Disability Assistance Dog training, the service industry, working with disabled clients in both the private and public sector as well as within charities.  We have amalgamated our exceptional skills to provide a comprehensive and unsurpassed tailored service.  This ensures that you receive a professional end efficient service to train your own dog to become a fully accredited Assistance Dog with full public access. See About Us for our qualifications, skills and track record.

We also offer complete support including 24/7 access to our dedicated team and an emergency 24 hour phone line in case access is denied once your dog is qualified.

Our service is individual and bespoke. We will take you through a complete training process where we will instruct you how to achieve unbelievable results with your dog and hone your new found skills with virtual training, 1 to1 in person training sessions and workshops.  We will arrange social events at restaurant, pubs and nightclubs for your dogs to practice their public access 'settles' and even arrange training and practice days at hospitals and other public buildings.

Our trainers are all fully qualified including our Director who is a qualified trainer/behaviourist who has many years experience training Assistance Dogs as well as companion dogs for both charities and the private sector.  Amongst our trustees we have a huge amount of experience with disabled including deaf people and offer BSL where required.

Our professionalism, knowledge and experience sets us apart from the internet only companies, the charities with a near five year waiting list and the dog trainers without the support and backup of our skilled team.

If you would like to know more about Access Disability Services, please contact us at any time.

Training Plans

Disability Assistance Dog with 'In-Training' vest.

Training plans are individual to you. They include a combination of face to face, online, workshop and group work training and 24/7 telephone support and advocacy. 
The basic plans are subscription and affordable, without large outlays.  You can then enhance your plan by attending training workshops, Public Access training days, and 1 to 1's.  Plans will suit every budget and timescale. 

Step 1     Contact Us to arrange an initial assessment to assess suitability
Step 2     Assuming suitability confirmed, sign up for your journey via the website.
Step 3     Sit back, while we formulate your training plan
Step 4    Start your journey to having your own trained Disability Assistance Dog with full public access.
Included in the Training Subscription:
Personal Training Plan including trtaining videos and handouts.
Free telephone (7 day per week) support
Assistance Dog In-Training ID Card, Registration Book and Lanyard 

Membership to Access Disabikity Services
Access to Peer Support
Taskwork Workshops
Public Access Training Days (shops, cafes, hospotals, airports, etc.
Level 1, 2 and 3 Assessments
Cetification of achievement

Included in the 'Qualified Subscription
Membership to Accwss Disability Services 
Authority to wear to wear an ADS qualified Disability Assistance Dog coat
QUalified 'Access Required by Law' ID Card, Registration Book and lanyard.
Access to ADS Public Access Conflict Resolution H
Free access social events and Public Access days.

Dog Training for Deaf People


Group Classes with BSL                                                                                                      POA
1.5 hour 1 - 1 Tailored Individual Training Sessions with BSL                                              POA
Personal Virtual Training with BSL
1/2 Day Training Workshops with BSL                                                                                   POA


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